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Remember When
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

AAA School Safety Patrol Badge

AAA School Safety Patrol program since the 1920's. 
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Buyer beware!! Corporal Badges, Corporal Badges from 1940-1950's in brand new condition. Aside from being that old in new condition, there can't be 20 new badges found "suddenly". On 1970's badges after examining closely and using an acid test, the chrome is all wrong!. The backing from older patrolman badges may be resoldered onto a newer badge to raise the price. The chrome looks  from the 70's but it has a backing used in the 40's and 50's. We have the timeline for every backing and the reason it was changed and when it was changed. This information is from a former GRAMMES employee for 40 years, up until they closed their doors in the 60's. We have samples of ALL the different badges ever made by GRIMES since 1921.  There are 9 different types of badges starting in 1921 on up to the present. We tested some of these "vintage" badges and will prove when they were made with a simple acid test. 

Updated 6-18-2013 
We've been asked many times about counterfeit badges made in China. Our answer is always the same. We have NEVER come across one. After 1970, with the bankruptcy of L. F. Grammes & Sons, the original manufacturer and supplier from 1920 to 1965, the contract to supply AAA badges from 1970 to present went to companies in China. ALL badges made from 1970 ARE MADE IN CHINA under contract. THEY ARE NOT counterfeit!!!. All Badges with a 'square" backing to hold the pin that DO NOT have  "Grammes, Allentown" stamped . ARE MADE IN CHINA. If the back of your badge is square like the picture and DOES NOT have "Grammes, Allentown" stamped on it , IT WAS MADE IN CHINA but it is NOT counterfeit.